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Special vehicles are sometimes needed for special purposes in agricultural businesses. These vehicles master tasks which typical vehicles in the agricultural sector can’t. When we manufacture and design special vehicles, we take the requests of our customers into account and adjust the specifications depending on the particular requirements. Due to our many years of experience in the manufacturing of special vehicles we can assess which vehicle solutions are possible for a company. Alongside this we also take into account first and foremost the economical aspects and make sure that the special vehicle has enough capacity and reserves to master the required tasks.


Total weight:14.000 kg
Empty weight:ca. 1.372 kg
Bridge size:ca. 4.500 x 2.200/2.300 mm
Top speed:25 km/h version with authorization papers for agriculture and forestry
Base data:
Total weight:14.000 kg
Front weight/Support load:4.000 kg
Rear weight/Axel load:10.000 kg
Empty weight:ca. 1.372 kg
Payload:ca. 13.410 kg
Bridge size:ca. 4.500 x 2.200/2.300 mm
Board height:
Pendulum head height:
Front wall:
Rear wall:
Platform height (unloaded):
Floor thickness:
Lifting force:
Lifting cylinder:
Approx. tilt angle:
Top speed:25 km/h version with authorization papers for agriculture and forestry
Chassis finish:
Build finish:

solid frame in box shape " IGK" with fixed, straight pull tube

Adjustable carrier for hoses and cabel mounted at the draw bar

Hydraulic support leg - double acting cylinder

Lifting and lowering device using rotary valve

Wheel 10.0/75-15,3 AW 10 PR

Plastic half-shell fender

Per axle, Standard at the rear axle

2 Wheel compressed air-brake.

Chassis-special painting in RAL color specification (with the exception of RAL 9006, not available)

Construction special-paint "Reisch green-old"

Install the test switch on the control panel?s cable remote control

Vehicle specific on - board hydraulics consisting of 90 liter pumps with joint shaft and 150 liter Hydraulicstank,Switchable from 190 to 270 bar , Electrical -/ pneumatic tipping valve,Cable remote contol to the towing vehicle.

aluminium ripple plate cover for attachment

Voltage converter for lighting, from 12 V to 24 V ( Design fixed installation )

Voltage conver for ABS- from 12 V to 24 V.

Bolted, red / white reflective warning signs to the front and rear, without navigation lights.

For vehicle widths more then 2,75m required